Every step you’ve ever taken, the tragedies and victories you’ve experienced, the mistakes, the wins and losses, the courageous moves and wanderings through the unknown, have all brought you here.⁠

Here being this moment, as your eyes hit these words. Present. Pure. A endless amount of possibility. And in this brief moment we have together, I want you to remember something you’ve always known but at some point may have forgotten.⁠

What you’ve been seeking for so long is not out “there” in the world. It inside of you. You’ve been searching for something you’ve already had. That’s why you could never find it. You’ve been looking for your keys and they have been in your pocket the entire time. ⁠

And you’ll hear many say that your journey here is to remember who you really are. What that means is that you have to come back to the core of your being. To get there, you have to wash off all the stories that have covered up that essence like thick mud. ⁠

look back one last time but then never look back again. leave it all behind you. what's coming is far more exciting. evan sanders, the better man project quote

The past is gone. It’s done. And the only way you’re ever going to be able to move on from what’s happened in the past is if you view if through the eyes of wisdom, compassion and understanding. If there’s judgement, you’re tethered to whatever moment you’re judging. ⁠

Seek out those moments you can’t let go of. See how you are viewing them. Is there anger, bitterness, resentment, judgement or criticism? It’s okay if there is. But recognize that all of those emotions keep you trapped. Begin to view those events through a different set of eyes. ⁠

The eyes of healing, understanding, love, acceptance. You’re not dismissing what actually happened or what they did. Those healthy boundaries are good. But you are saying to yourself, “It’s time for me to get my life back. To own this story so I can have all the power I need to move into the future the way I want to.” ⁠

That’s what this is all about. Embracing the story. The dark and the light. When you do that, everything changes. You grab the keys in your pocket and see that the doors open when you realized you had what you needed all along.⁠

This moment is yours.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project