Life in its endless twists and turns brought you to this place – one that is uniquely fitted to who you are – with an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and to right so many wrongs that still call within your soul.⁠

There are things that happen in life that you would never ask for. You didn’t manifest them. You didn’t claim them for yourself. They came in out of nowhere and impacted your life on so many levels.⁠

And yet begin to understand the value that those moments bring. Even through the darkest of nights you can learn compassion, understanding, wisdom, trust and so many other valuable things.⁠

The price is heavy, but it’s worth it.⁠

But it goes beyond the experiences you have. Somewhere, deep inside, you probably still know that there has to be a change down to the foundational level of who you are.⁠

And this is why you’ve arrived to where you are. Life has brought you to this place where you can radically shift and completely realign yourself to your greatest purpose.⁠

It’s a chance to finally rip down the old structures and start building once again on solid ground. It can be anxiety inducing. Fear will rear its ugly head at times. But this is the work you are here to do. Don’t be afraid to take those steps.⁠

There’s this one scene in Indiana Jones that always resonated with me where he has to cross over an “invisible bridge” purely based on faith that something would be there to support him.

And yet, when he finally makes that leap, there is in fact something there that he didn’t expect. He had to move through his fears and step out unknown without a guarantee of certainty.⁠

These moments in front of you are the very moments in which you can begin to walk upon a completely new path if you so choose.⁠

You are standing at the banks of your greatest challenge and yet most incredible opportunity. Everything that has ever happened has led you here. While that can be a bit intimidating, it’s also incredibly exciting.⁠

Because deep down, if you really listen, your gut knows you can change everything. It knows this is the place where you build something new out of faith.⁠

And that this is your finest hour.⁠

Own it.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project