The Better Man Project

The Better Man Project is a daily recording of my journey to become a deeper, more fulfilled person and to inspire others to see their extraordinary potential. It is also a lifelong commitment to connect with others through motivational stories, lessons, and pieces of advice that I have picked up along the way.

Why motivational stories?

We all have listened, read, or seen something that inspired us but never quite seemed to have the spark to get up and do something about our lives. That’s why I am here to motivate you, or rather, to incite you to act. Hopefully in reading my blog or sifting through the pages on this motivational hub, you will be able to find something that will help you take the necessary steps towards action – and further creating the life of your dreams. 

When I first started this project 4 years ago, my life lacked motivation.

So I decided to make a change after watching an amazing TED video on creating new habits. I decided that I was going to seek answers from within and write for 30 days on trying to become a better person. Well, as you might have noticed, 30 days turned into 4 years pretty quick.

I learned things about myself that I would never have believed possible. But most importantly, I found that spark inside, that motivation to go after my greatest dreams. The truth is, my life changed in the most challenging but amazing ways. I learned that love is at the core of all great things. I found that passion will allow you to go after anything you wish for in life. And lastly, I was taught that never quitting is the only option if you want to make a difference in the world.

Sometimes you have to motivate yourself and put the fire under your own ass. 

I found that the more I wrote the more I learned about what really mattered in life. What I believed was important at the beginning ended up becoming on the shallow end of my thoughts. 

Originally, I believed the world was more full of darkness than light. However, once the goggles were taken off, I started to find light  in even the darkest places. In those moments, I decided to focus on creating a life of  happiness instead of focusing on everything that was wrong in my life.

Two books later and over a thousand blogs and here we are. 

Welcome to The Better Man Project