When I first started this project, my life lacked inspiration.

So I decided to make a change after watching an amazing TED video on trying something new for 30 days. I decided that I was going to seek inspiration from within and write for 30 days on trying to become a better man. Well, as you might have noticed, 30 days turned into over a thousand days pretty quick.

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I learned things about myself that I would never have believed possible. But most of all, I found that spark inside, that inspiration to do what I always wanted to do. The truth is, my life changed in the most challenging but amazing ways. I learned that love is at the core of all great things. I found that passion will allow you to go after anything you want in life. And lastly, I was taught that never quitting is the only option if you want to make a difference in the world.

Sometimes you have to inspire yourself

This project turned me into an inspiration junkie. Inspirational quotes, inspirational sayings, inspirational stories…really anything. The more I brought it into my life the more I was motivated to go after what I wanted in my life.

%inspirational quotes

I also found that the more I wrote the more I learned about what really mattered in life. What I thought was important at the beginning ended up becoming shallow views of the truth. And the truth is there only one fundamental question you have to ask: What type of world do I live in? A positive one full of love or a negative one full of hate?

If I was being honest with you, I would say originally that I believed the world was more full of darkness than light. However, once the goggles were taken off, I started to find that light was found in even the darkest places. So with that moment of inspiration, I decided to focus on delivering happiness instead of focusing on everything that was wrong with my life.

So here we go. My blog is a daily effort to become a better man and I will write down the lessons I learn along  the way.


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  1. Thanks for your inspiring words. It’s sometimes difficult to see the light when you have a string of bad experiences, but I’ve found good ones do follow, if you are open to them.