I lost my “why” somewhere along the line.

I lost it without even realizing it. Then I kept going on and on…but something was missing. There was passion. There was work ethic. There was drive. But the questions about what i was doing it for all started to pop up. They didn’t do that before. They didn’t come to the surface because, well, before…I knew exactly what my why was.

I’ve realized over the past couple of days that the losing of my “why” caused me to lose that complete focus. It stopped me from having that laser edge that I need in order to accomplish some of the hardest tasks that are in front of me right now in my life.

I have more in the tank. I am capable of much more than is showing at this moment…and the breakthrough came when I realized that after all of this change, all of this transformation…there existed the empty space that something once filled up in such a grand way.

My why.

As time has gone on with this project, it’s become less and less about me and more and more about what I can give to other people and the world. I am answering a calling and with that calling I need to reinvent my intention.

So, as it sits in me right now, it goes a little something like this.

Why do I do all of this?

Because I want to stand as a representation of an idea…that whatever your dream may be, whatever your story once was or is right now, it’s possible. It’s possible to have it all and to be a good person and to give to the world fully. It’s all possible.

I want to stand for others dreams.

I want to stand for possibility.

I’ve found my why again…and it’s about something much bigger than me.

To me, deep inside…it gets me going.


Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project