A vision.

You’ve probably heard of the need to develop one of these before, but I’m here to tell you exactly why you need it. Sure, developing a compelling vision for your life and what you want to do with yourself is incredibly important on many different levels, but there’s a completely different reason why a vision is absolutely crucial for your success.

A vision is there to keep you going when everything begins to fall apart.

Your journey is going to be riddled with challenge after challenge and you will get knocked down. That’s just part of the game. You will be tested and you will crack under pressure. Your life at times is going to get incredibly messy and things will look blacker than black. Like I said before, this is part of being out on the field of life chasing after your dreams. This is to be expected. The “pit” is the part where you really get to understand just how bad you want something.

But without a reason to continue on, you won’t.

You must have something that is going to get you up in the morning when you don’t want to get out of bed. You have to have something that will make you continue working when you feel like you’ve exhausted every last ounce of your energy. This vision must be grand enough to inspire you and achievable enough to keep your working your butt off.

Other people are not going to believe in what you are doing 100% because they cannot see what you have in your mind. Your vision is going to be too much for many so it’s imperitive that you protect it with all of your will. You must protect it from the critic inside trying to ruin it for you as well. Develop a vision for yourself that will stretch you past your current boundaries and is focused on giving your greatest gifts to the world.

If you can do this and come to the table every single day willing to make strides towards accomplishing that goal, there’s no telling what you may do in this world.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project