Relationships can be funny.

But there’s one thing I know for sure, and that is a feat in itself – never assume the people around you know exactly how you feel about them.

You know those things inside of you that make no sense like 95% of the time…emotions?

Yes those ones.

You may feel them, but no one else around you has any idea what is going on inside of your head and heart. So after plenty of lessons in this I made a decision to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Sure it has some negative side effects, like anything in this world, but people get to see something that they weren’t able to see before – authentic Evan Sanders.

I have said it a few times before, but the most authentic way I can express myself is by writing things down.

So that is what I have done a couple times before, which is write everyone letters in my life who mean an incredible amount to me.

I feel that there is no better way for me to tell someone how I feel about them than to write it out.

I do love telling people to their face, but there are just so many things that get in the way of conversations (those damn emotions) that sometimes everything doesn’t get out properly.

So I write…and boy do I write.

So do yourself a favor and write to the people you love in your life.

Tell them just how much you care.

Tell them why you care.

Life can be incredibly fickle sometimes and you never truly know how long people will be around. That’s just the name of the game.

And it loves to teach you lessons when you start taking advantage of the gifts you have been given.

You are standing on one gigantic rug…and life will rip that thing right out from under you when you start getting arrogant and unappreciative.

Sometimes the rug getting ripped out from underneath you is the best thing that can happen to you. It keeps you grounded.

It makes you appreciate what you have.

It also gives you a heavy dose of humility.

So if I had one piece of advice, it’s to love as hard as you can. Give today everything you have.

It’s better to feel worn out at the end of the day from being the best person you possibly could have been than calling in for a mediocre day.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project