There is truth to be found in being lost.

If you listen hard you will be able to hear things you’ve never heard before. When things are going strong, life is easy.

You can step on the gas and go a little bit faster. But when you come to a screeching halt, pull off the road, and get out of the car to walk around a little bit…that’s when things can get pretty interesting.

Those are the moments when you really need to listen to what is going on inside.

Sometimes you have to disconnect.

We live in a very busy world. There is a ton of information, massive amounts of media, and opportunities to forget what truly matter in this life (at least from what I’ve found).

Sitting down and connecting with others and talking about things in real life has become more and more rare.

Being able to sift through the b.s. takes more than one rake.

Maybe even more than ten rakes. And the opportunity to listen to yourself has been muddled by persistent calls from the outside world.

Sometimes, you have to turn off your phone, close your computer, and take a walk by yourself. You have to tune in. You have to breathe.

Life, as you know it right now, is a sum of all the of the decisions and events that have ever happened to you.

The body you are in, the mind you have, and the life you have is a result of consistent results over time.

While this may be an exhausting idea, it is also an incredibly liberating idea. The fact that you are the result of results means that you can change at any given moment.

Yes there is a lag to this because all things worthwhile take time and effort, but nonetheless, you can change the course of your life.

If you want something different for yourself, you can create it. If you want a different mind or body, you can form it.

The challenge comes in being able to continue through the struggle. Those times when you want to give up and quit are exactly the moments when you have to act with purpose.

You have to have intentions behind your actions when things are difficult because to go in the direction you want to go takes a massive amount of effort, concentration, and willingness to continue repping it out through lives heaviest weights.

I have struggled through these times significantly.

Being able to see the dreams written on paper in front of me, with the plan, and not being able to muster up the courage to really go after it has been difficult.

It’s been difficult in the way of knowing you can, and at the same time, doubting that same knowledge. But I think that’s the point.

Confidence has a sliding scale. You tip one way and you tip the other. You have to ride the wave of the times when you are in action and you have to pull yourself out of the mud when the scale tips the other way. You have to find ways to motivate yourself.

True, motivation from another person helps a lot, but being able to get yourself out of it when you really need to is invaluable.

You can take that to the bank every single time.

You are a result of your past actions.

If you want something greater for yourself, then create different actions.

I am.

I am going to start doing things very differently.

And hell, we will see what happens.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project