Our lives morph, shift, melt and grow in one fluid perfect orchestra or action and inaction. There is a beautiful dance of events that occur throughout the years that brings us knowledge, experience, and most important of all – wisdom. We find ourselves. We lose ourselves. We develop into new people and we retract back into the persona of old. We dream big. We suffer at the hands of others and at the power of our minds. But that is living. The pursuit of something worthy over a period of time, never forgetting that we do not create simply for ourselves, but for whatever is above us. We spend our time on the planet as a servant for the greater good, for others, and for the heavens.

Life began a few years ago for me in August. I learned something so incredibly important that it changed my life forever. The moment I learned that my past, the inescapable shadow that always followed me, was a place that I didn’t have to live…my world opened up. But that moment only came after a concept that was even more important. You, and only you, are responsible for your life. When you take responsibility for everything that you do, everything you have done, the decisions you make, the things you say to people, and your actions every single day…then, you can truly live free of your past. Your past becomes the foundation in which you build your life upon. It truly never goes away. However, it does stop owning you.

The people who love you are the ones that know everything about you and still stick around. The ones that have been there through everything and still serve as the rock you can lean on when your life is messy at times. They are not there because it is convenient. In fact, it is often the most inconvenient thing in the world to be someones rock. The hours are crappy, the emotions run high, and often times you feel exhausted after whatever happened is done. But that’s not the point. You aren’t there because it’s convenient for you. You are there because of something much more powerful at play: love for another. And that overwhelms any other card on the table.

Dance to the music of life. If you spend so much time focusing on the instruments that aren’t there, you miss out on the song that is playing.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project