Time to tell you a story

A long time ago I set out on a journey

Pack in hand



In pain

But eager

I had a story that I had told many times

One that I was becoming much more familiar and comfortable with

That story was told in many different ways

Tales of love and heartbreak

Passion and procrastination

The times that fear consumed me and the moments where I ate it for breakfast

That story, is a story that many have heard throughout the years

And eventually I got to a place where I didn’t need to tell that story for any emotional reason

It was just a list of things that had happened

It still meant a lot to me because it was about where I was from

But it didn’t own me

Control me

Create a mess in my heart

And for a while this has been the case

I have been okay with what was considered my past

I embrace it

The dark and the light

I can speak of it without my heart skipping a beat

I love it

Even after I had hated it

And it took me going through the trials, tribulations, doubts and worries to get to that place

The place where I could embrace every single part of myself

That time is a time I will never forget

I feel whole for the first time

And now, well now I am at a place to start something

Because I have come to terms with the part of my being that was trapped

The door is now open

The light is green

So it’s time to pack again

To put on my shoes and start walking

It’s time to get lost in the wild

It’s time to take a full-hearted risk

Time to be bold

Time to turn up the passion

Time to roll around in the dirt and look towards the stars

Because you truly do not know what you are capable of

But those who do not risk going too far will never know exactly how far you could have gone

I’m willing to find that edge

To set sail for the West for the first time…fearing that the Earth is actually flat

And that I might fall off somehow

It’s time

And I’m bringing with me some of the most important things and people I can

My heart

My open mind

My family and friends

Incredibly supportive fans who drive me every day

And an attitude

One that will help drive me through everything that comes my way

So let’s get lost

Really lost

Perfectly lost

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project