There will be many who disagree with me on this, and that is totally fine. Remember…this writing is really to me rather than to anyone else. The whole idea of a personal journey, not a guidebook for anyone else. So as I enter into the biggest transformation of my life, I have to change my world view of what is going on. I have written many times about one of my personal heroes Greg Plitt and his ideology of what it takes to truly transform. When he was going through Army Rangers training, one of the hardest things there is to do, he knew that just the idea of being a Ranger wouldn’t be enough. He had to believe in something greater, something that would get him through the blood, the sweat, and the tears day in and day out. He showed up to the camp, got decked from behind and “probably did a thousand pushups before the sun rose.” When the sun did come up, hundreds of people had dropped out already. He kept going. It takes 70 days to graduate straight through, he made it…and he lost about 30-40 lbs because of the grueling and taxing training. But he didn’t say it was the physical part of it that was the hardest thing, it was the mental aspect…what it took to keep going. He believed he was given a prison sentence and the only thing he could focus on was his goal of getting out and what he was doing it for. He believed that everything he was doing today was going to get him where he was going in the future. The mind is the most powerful thing you have…it can make you into anything.

You have to accept the pain of transformation. Your life is like a clay statue. When you just start to move clay, it is incredibly hard and cold. But once you keep applying force to it and trying to shape it, eventually it warms up. That is when true transformation occurs. When you find your limits and try to keep going. In bodybuilding this feeling is a burning feeling…but its the burn of transformation. But when you hit failure and end the set…the feeling you get is incredible. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Start with the end in mind…what you will have, who you will be when you get there. When you can visualize the end result constantly, you will be able to achieve the greatest things.

When your personal journey gets hard…well, there’s nothing else to say really…then to just expect it. It is good for you. It is perfect for you actually. Because you are never given anything you can’t handle.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project