I came across an analogy the other day  that struck me incredibly hard. It was pretty short, but so true.

It went something like this: Don’t worry about anything going wrong, because we are all firefighters.

Don’t expect there to be any seasons without fires in your life. Perfect example, come every June, July, August, September, there are always going to be fires.

No matter what you do in the off-season to prevent these…there are going to be some natural fires and some arson. It’s inevitable. So in that case, the best thing you can do is to get your best firefighters out there and go stop those puppies.

What a perfect analogy for life.

Sometimes you are going to have things just light on fire, and hell, sometimes you are even going to start those fires yourself. But you have to be a firefighter.

You can’t just sit around and watch. Do your best to manage the inevitable flames.

This is a good thing by the way…with or without intention. Because those flames burn out all the dead wood and you have lots of new growth. It is like natures forest fire for your mind. Everyone needs this.

Sometimes you have to get a little bit angry. Get mean (not to others). Get nasty. You have to want it bad! Visualize what you want every single day…because you need your dreams during the day just as much as you need them at night.

Don’t worry about failing, its part of the process.

Keep your nose to the grindstone.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project