I was truly inspired by a coworker this morning. She said to me “everything you are doing now makes you one step closer to 100%.”

I needed that attitude check. Singlehandedly, she put my mind right back to where it needed to be.

Over the past few days, I had been struggling with symptoms of “holy hell this is going to suck.” But after she gave me that inspiration, I remembered one of my favorite quotes. It goes something like “You can’t move forward if you are looking backward.” So, keeping that in mind, my whole body woke up and I got to work. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be okay. What I have decided to do is bring a list to my doctor of everything that I want to be able to do. I don’t care if it is going to be more painful, or take longer, but I want to be able to do this stuff. As I am looking outside, I realize that I am going to be crutching in the rain to class. Who cares. My joints will be cold as the winter begins to move into California. So what. This time, I am not going to get athletes depression because I am going to be doing ab work every single day. Bingo. I am going to be much smarter about this. There is this great speech where this guy talks about the bad breaks in life. And he says that in a sense, there are some instances where there are things such as bad breaks…but there is also a spirit and a energy inside of each of us that can decide what to do with these breaks and even determine these breaks. In short, we have the ability to change our world.

This is exactly where my head is at right now. In order to change the world, we must change ourselves. I am going through an unbelievable process right now, and I have a great appreciation for the moment. In fact, I think that is one of the biggest turnarounds I have had in life. Appreciating the moment for what it is. I am sitting with this bum knee and saying…”One day, you will do great things. But right now, train your mind.”

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project