I often talk about goals, and believe me they are incredibly important to the long-term realization of your vision. However, the attitude of the present is often overlooked. How can I get to my future goals? What do I need to do right now? What will be the end result? These are all fair questions to ask, but one of the first questions should be…Who do I have to be to accomplish this?

What is the mentality then? For me it is: Today, I am going to sacrifice for the betterment of tomorrow. This attitude has kept me in check for the longest time. It puts me in a place where I know I can overcome anything. I realize that any amount of pain I am current going through at take present moment can be overcome with the attitude of sacrifice. I expect the pain to  come. I expect the trials and obstacles. When you go on a journey, and you don’t expect to get tested, that is when you are going to get blindsided. Any transformation in life follows the pattern of “it gets worse before it gets better.” Embrace it. If it’s not hurting a bit, it’s not working.

This mindset applies to live, the gym, and almost anything else. Never shortchange the importance of this moment. Really though, this moment is all you have. Nothing else is guaranteed. You can’t go to the past and change anything, and there is no tangible place called the future. All you have, is this moment, right here, right now. Give it the respect and appreciation it deserves.

“Where are you Dan?…..Here.”
“What time is it?……Now”
“Who are you?…….This moment”
– The Peaceful Warrior

So the next time you are struggling for the next 5 reps or to finish your work, take a split second to smile and appreciate the moment. I promise that it will put you in a good place.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project