Nothing. The single most underrated word in the English language, changed my life.

My world flipped upside down when I learned that from nothing, you can create everything. The summer of 2011, a summer where I spent a total of eight days with a group of people who would support me through everything, gave me the opportunity to live a life full of dreams, passion, and love. My entire world was unlocked as nothing became one of the most important word in my vocabulary. From nothing, I began building myself into someone who I would want to meet on a bench somewhere.

After the summer, I came back with an entirely new view of the world. Therefore, my actions and results changed. I created an entirely new company named Churchill Visions to inspire people to be everything they can be every day (which is so close to launch its making me antsy). Even if it means staying up late, I take the time to continue living my dream…because I know that one day, I will be sitting behind a desk that is covered in words and color. I have been re-energized to take my health and fitness club to the next level and have surrounded myself with amazing people who want to help me achieve the club’s goals. I am definitely proud of starting this passionate blogging career which puts to words my journey towards becoming a better man every single day. And I returned back to my work, views and messages from the summer in my heart, and set out to inspire those around me.

The biggest differences happen in the smallest moments each day. I wake up before the sun comes up…but I can see the light all around me. I have a room full of pictures, quotes, people I love, and things that represent me. But what did I learn the most from nothing? I learned that at any moment, I can create. I have created the person who I am right now. I found my home. I found my voice. I found my heart.

There is no trying to be anyone else, no emulating people…just 100% against the grain authentic me. One of the most overused phrases is “you have to love yourself first.” I never really understood what that meant until this summer. If you don’t love yourself, you will not be anyone in the world. Not saying that you won’t be successful, but since you are multiple people at once and not the full you, there is no you. You are other people, other things, other lives all crammed into one. But when you learn that there really is nothing around you, you can make anything happen.

From nothing comes everything.

I don’t make promises that I know I won’t keep. But here is my promise to you. For the rest of my time here on this planet, I will continue to write. I will put my heart into the words and you will be able to hear my voice…no matter how far away you are. Maybe one day, you will be able to find my words bound in thick rich paper. There is not limit…because remember, there is nothing.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project