I think as you grow older, you look for very different things in people.

Honesty. Loyalty. Respect.

But most of all, you look for someone who will stand right by your side when the walls start crumbling down and the fires rage within.

They are right there, and in that moment, you know they’ve got you.⁣⁣⁠
Never lose sight of the fact that actions speak far louder than words.

We live in a world where anyone can say anything and make it sound believable. But when you really take a step back and watch what they are doing, what do their actions say? ⁠
Are they actually there when it matters?

Do they back up their words or do they fade into the distance on a ship of excuses.⁣⁣ Do they step up to the plate and own their side of the relationship or is it a one way street? Are they committed to their word?⁠

Actions say far far more than words ever could.

Because we all know that when something really matters, we find a way to make it work. What can be incredibly confusing though is when someone’s intentions are good but they can never actually follow all the way through.

Even then, as intricate as the situation may be, you know where things stand and who you can truly depend on in the end. ⁠
And then there are those rare few in your life who show up no matter what the circumstances are. If you really need them, they will be there. They are the ones who show up day in and day out and invest in what you are building together. ⁠

But they are rare and hard to find. That’s how they are supposed to be. The gifts doesn’t just sit right on the surface. You have to keep patiently digging, searching and staying open to the possibilities of these types of relationships to come into your life. ⁠

If you have faith enough to know that they are out there, in time you will find them. It may take a while and you’re probably going to have a lot of relationships that don’t hit quite to that level, but that’s okay.⁣ Each level of depth has its value. ⁠
But when you do find them, it makes all the waiting worth it. You’ve found someone who truly believes in you and who you can depend on through life’s twists and turns.⁠ Someone who has your back.⁠

Someone who’s “got you.”

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project