As a recovering perfectionist, this has always been something I’ve needed to remind myself. Progress is progress. No matter how small the steps might be, they still matter.⁠

Even continuing to just hold your intentions and not letting go of what you know you need to do is a win. Think about what happened this past year?

Everyone had their lives upended in an unprecedented way over and over again. But if you come back to your path no matter how many times you get thrown off of it, that’s a huge W in my book.⁠

There are no L’s. Only lessons. ⁠

But you have to look for those teachings.

Because if you start to look at the past through the eyes of judgement and criticism, you’re going to have a long day.

Your critic will endlessly rip you apart for things that happened or mistakes you’ve made.

There’s no growth in that though.

There’s only toxicity. ⁠

If you’re going to go there, you have to go with eyes of understanding. Silence the criticism and try to learn.

That’s the only way you grow anyway.

You can’t learn while you’re ripping yourself to pieces. You can only learn when you can sit down with yourself and compassionately look at what’s taken place and understand how you can improve next time. ⁠

It’s not letting yourself off the hook. It’s taking responsibility.

There’s no responsibility in judgement – just a brutal take on yourself and life.

But there’s a whole lot of responsibility that’s present in owning your story and learning from it.

Gives you the power to become who you’re meant to be. ⁠

That’s worth it. Little steps count.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project