“You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.” I’ll never forget the first time I heard that. It struck me because it’s so true. How can you see yourself…when you are yourself.⁠

The blindspots will always be there. You’ll wander down paths that for one reason or another you think are good for you but then when you look back on it years down the road you’ll see where you went a bit off course. This is where you learn. Toss out all the judgement and look with eyes of wisdom.⁠

What does all this tell me? ⁠
What can I pull from this? ⁠
How has this shaped me into something far wiser?⁠
How do I course correct from this place?⁠

When you look at these things deeply, you’ll see them in a whole new light. That’s the gift. Perspective. Wisdom.⁠

Here’s something I always want you to keep in mind: the journey isn’t a straight line. It’s not even a squiggly one. That would imply there’s a start and an end. Instead, it’s a constant unfolding. Think of a lotus flower that opens layer after layer after layer after layer. Unending…for infinite amounts of time.⁠

There’s always more to learn. Sometimes the same lessons come back around with a slight variety and you learn them all over again in a far deeper way. Sometimes, you are going to be “tested” to make sure you maintain your resolve with something you promised long ago.⁠

And here’s where faith comes in. Being able to trust in something greater than yourself – whatever it is that you believe in – grants you unbelievable amounts of strength. You can, and you always have been able to, handle whatever is thrown your way.⁠

Forget understanding “why?!”‘ it all is happening. Instead, dig your heels into the ground and move forward with courage. No matter how far you may have wandered off your path, you can always come back to what your heart knows to be true. That’s always available to you.⁠

All it takes is connecting with your breath…slowing down the mind…and returning to a far deeper and wiser version that has always known which way to go.⁠

Evan Sanders