It’s not so much about what you think. It’s more about what you “know.” What exists deep within your bones? What do you know to be true – a wisdom that cannot be taken from you?⁠

Those whispers will guide you. They will take you in the right direction – the places you’ve always needed to go.⁠

But if you think about it, you are already heading off path. It’s not going to make sense to your mind – it lives far outside of that.⁠

That intuition, that wisdom, doesn’t live in the head – rather it arises from the bottom of the ocean and pops like a bubble once it reaches the surface. ⁠

Then, you just know. You know without a doubt.⁠

It’s not always easy to trust your gut. Do things always happen the way you thought they were going to? No of course not. But it was never about that. It has always been about learning what you need in order to grow.⁠

I think if you spend your entire life avoiding hardship you’re doing yourself a massive disservice. You are going to build a castle around yourself, and while you may feel safe temporarily, the costs and consequences begin to mount.⁠

I know what it’s like to be in that place – the place where you want to shut yourself off from the rest of the world and go into protection mode. That can be fine for a while if you need to regroup, but you really can’t stay there.⁠

What happens when you wall everything out to protect yourself from anything bad happening?⁠

You contract. ⁠
You revert.⁠
You push things away.⁠
You lock in your most authentic self.⁠

Life is risky. ⁠

There’s risk in everything. But if you embrace that and know that no matter what happens you’re going to find a way through, you’ll have a lot easier of a time navigating through the challenges when they come.⁠

Stay open. Take your time. Be patient with yourself. Piece by piece open up. Doesn’t have to be all at once. ⁠

Take a step outside the walls. There’s magic in the risk.⁠

Evan Sanders