The only way to receive what’s meant to be is to let go of what once was…⁠

We are taught all our lives to hold on. Most of the time it’s out of fear. ⁠

Fear of loss. ⁠
Fear of the future. ⁠
Fear of the unknown. ⁠

But when you hold onto things that are no longer for you, you prevent the things that are actually supposed to show up from arriving. You stop yourself from receiving the gifts of life and traveling the path you were always meant to take.⁠

The things in the past are gone. ⁠

Their time came and went. They’ve drifted off into the ether. You can’t go back and change them. You can’t redo them. Those moments cannot be touched. All there is left is a memory. So embracing that reality is the key to looking forward. ⁠

It’s not about denial. It’s about acknowledgement. It’s not about hating the past (no matter what has happened). It’s about understanding and healing.⁠

And then you are left with what’s happening right now…this moment…and what you do in this moment determines the story that exists in the future. ⁠

the first step is always the hardest. find your courage. know your why. see it all the way through to the end. the better man project. evan sanders. quote

It’s hard to let go. ⁠

I know. It’s one of the greatest lessons I keep learning over and over again. But when you do, there’s so much room for possibility. You are free to create. Free to be. Free to choose.⁠ Free to write the story in any way you see fit. ⁠

The most important part of all of this is that you can’t let the pains of the past prevent you from getting back out there in the world and trying your best again. You’re going to get hurt form time to time. It’s inevitable. That’s part of living. ⁠

But refusing to play at all because you’re scared delivers the greatest pain of all – regret. ⁠

You have to be willing to lose…in order to win. In everything. You only learn and grow when you put your heart on the line. It’s not the end of the world if you lose. It’s just a moment in time. Get back out there and try again. Give it your all. Learn from the past and move forward with a deeper wisdom. ⁠

You can do this. ⁠

Evan Sanders