It’s easy to find yourself feeling lost in this life. There are so many different paths to take and everyone is telling you a different way to go. The noise can be so loud that you can hardly hear yourself think.⁠

But as you quiet down the mind, you will come to hear the powerful voice of your intuition. It is the guide to the path you are meant to travel and the wisdom that helps you see that everything happened the way it did in order to you arrive “here.”⁠

Time and time again we are called to cross the rivers of life. When we first arrive at the shore, we stand there with a mixture of emotions at what exists in front of us.⁠

Fear, doubt, courage, excitement and everything else in between. We think about what the journey is going to be like, sometimes delaying for great lengths of time, and deny ourselves movement at first.⁠

But eventually, there’s comes a decision to enter the water. We feel everything in that first moment. It’s almost a bit shocking at first. But if we allow ourselves to just stand there for a bit – without running back to the shore – we get used to the water running over our toes.⁠

and one day you will finally see that you were meant for so much more than this. evan sanders. the better man project. quote.

In time, we make many steps forward and continue the journey. At some point, the water climbs up our calves, up our legs and even at points to our chest. We battle the current, do our best to keep our feet in contact with the rocky bed underneath us and manage keeping ourselves going.⁠

Time after time we stub our toes, accidentally dunk ourselves, float a bit downstream and have to trek back upstream again. But we keep going. We can see the other side of the river and there’s no sense in turning back now. We must stay the course.⁠

Eventually, we reach a point where the water begins to slow down, moving back down our chest, to our waist, to our thighs, down the calves and around our toes. We have made it through.⁠

The end is very similar to the beginning. But what has changed? You. You believed in something and had the courage to see it all the way through. That’s called courage. ⁠

You aren’t lost. You’re finding your way.

Evan Sanders