Rumi once said, “What you seek is seeking you.” I’ve always loved that. The very thing you’re looking for is also trying to find you. ⁠

It takes courage to look deep within your heart and allow yourself to dream without rules or restrictions. You have to put aside all of the fear, doubt and worry. You have to let go of all of the things that other people have said to you in the past.⁠

Root yourself deep within the earth and ask. Close your eyes and begin speaking to the heavens. Let the gifts that are within you heat up and images of possibility start to dance in your mind.⁠

Being who you really are and calling forward what you truly want takes guts. Will there be fear? Of course. But the journey to bring your dreams to life is the greatest one of all.⁠

So let them out. ⁠
Show your gifts. ⁠
Let your visions guide the way. ⁠

the greatest lie of all is believing that someway, somehow, you're not worth it. you are. you're a beautiful, messy, complicated, amazing, perfectly imperfect human being. because of that alone, you're worth it. evan sanders. the better man project. quote.

Step into what you know you have to do and what you’ve never done before. Sacrifices will have to be made. Commitments will have to be strengthened. But if you allow yourself to move into the world in a new way, your entire world will change. ⁠

Old stories will disintegrate.⁠
Old fears will release. ⁠

And all of the worries of what it means to let something go will be confronted with what actually is here. Very quickly, you will come to see that what’s “here” is far more interesting than what you thought was going to be “there.”⁠

Soak it in. It’s your time.

Evan Sanders