You must reveal what’s inside. That’s what I’ve always come back to time and time again. The more vulnerable you are – sitting in truth – the deeper your connection grows with life. The more you see yourself as you actually are.⁠

Everything else just falls away.⁠

This has been true in my life time and time again. And hey, even though things don’t always go right and you get burned while cooking in the kitchen sometimes, you really do always come back to cook again. There’s something about being on the field willing to try something new. I guess you could call that hope. ⁠

Open yourself up…even if it’s slowly. ⁠

It’s not that you can’t keep everything locked up. Of course you could. But when you start to let yourself be seen, the world changes in front of you. More importantly, you change. ⁠

As much as others get to see you, you also get to see yourself. ⁠

Everything on the outside often acts as a mirror to what’s going on in the inside. A reflection. I know life can be tough. Things happen that really can bring you down to your knees. But you are so much more than what’s happened to you. ⁠

I really need you to understand this. ⁠

There's only one thing I'm certain of in this life and it's that any path that brings you closer to love is one worth traveling. Evan Sanders. The Better Man Project. Quote

⁠You are more…than what’s happened to you. There’s so much light. So many talents. So many dreams. So many good qualities. ⁠

It’s just that sometimes the events in life can make you feel like you’re covered in mud. You forgot who you are because you couldn’t see it past what happened. But that doesn’t mean you lost it. It just means you have to uncover what’s been hiding underneath this entire time.⁠

I know it can be scary to show yourself as you truly are. ⁠

But my god that’s brave. To be yourself. To refuse to fit in just out of comfort. Everything that’s unique and special about you suffers in that place. Squished between the walls of what’s acceptable.⁠

So be you. Reveal it all. Defeat your demons and conquer those mountains. Leave a blazing trail of light behind you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project