I think one of the coolest things about this life is the fact that your past loss doesn’t guarantee that you are going to lose again.

It’s just like in sports – your last at-bat doesn’t mean you’re going to strike out again. So the opportunity is when you lose in life…you have a failure…is just to simply learn from it.

You can see that as a crippling defeat that’s going to lead you into anger and bitterness and hatred and blah blah blah or you can see it as an opportunity for you to learn.

You can see it as, “Well that way didn’t work so that gets me one step closer towards my success” and you can see it in the optimistic light.

But that really comes down to your choice and there is no there is no guarantee that things will go the same that they did in the past when you failed. One of the guarantees is that if you keep on doing the same thing that didn’t work sure the past will be the same as the future…but that just comes with a general way of miss-perceiving things,

You need to look at things and you need to understand them. You need to learn from them. Wisdom truly is the application of what you know. “I know now for a fact that this does not work and I’m not going go down that direction ever again.”

letting go of the past

But if you keep on pounding at the exact same way of doing things you’re going to get the exact same results and of course that’s going to be demoralizing.

So use your mind to understand – to look at what happened in the past – and to go, “Yeah that way didn’t really work and I’m going to apply a different strategy.

I’m going to do something completely different that’s going to give me different results. And if that doesn’t work I’m going to keep going until I find what clicks.”

It’s just the law of life that if you keep on putting effort into something eventually something is going to work for you. Something is going to stick for you.

There’s an old saying that says even a broken clock is right twice a day. Eventually something’s going to work. But if you get negative about it nothing is going to work for you. You’re just going to be in the same position over and over and over again.

So put in the effort. Put in the effort to look at your past. Look at it with understanding…to seek wisdom from it…remove judgment and continue moving forward with your life aiming at a specific goal or what you want for yourself and eventually something will pop for you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project