Anyone who is trying to sell you on this idea that they know the key to happiness and exactly how to be happy and that they’ve got a door for you to follow through is selling you smoke.

There is no door to happiness.

There’s no place where you can go to get to find that sense of fulfillment within yourself and that sense of happiness. The happiness is not there… it’s here.

It’s when you’re truly dwelling in the moment…being present with what’s going on in life… expanding your view past what is wrong, what the problems are, what the current challenges are…

That’s where happiness lives. Because as much as life might be challenging you right now, go out into nature or to expand your view or to truly allow yourself to open up to the possibilities of life instead of closing everything off and building walls and shutting everything away that’s what connects you with the idea that…

“Yeah things may be tough right now, but if I’m in this world…if I’m truly being present…I will find that there are things to be joyful about.”

When you truly connect to a tree or to a flower or to an animal…as much pain as you might be in…if you truly are present with that thing or that person…it’s going to bring out different feelings in you.

Happiness isn’t this place or island that you get to, but it’s really being here. Even when you have goals in life, when you are in the act of doing them, that’s truly making you happy when you are in the act of expressing yourself or you’re in the act of following your purpose.

Happiness exists but that exists in the moment right. It’s not this faraway thing that is unachievable where people are always looking at it as the goal. “The goal in life is this place called happiness.” But it’s not a goal to get to – it’s a thing to be in.

You must be happiness. You must allow for the ground upon which it needs to grow – to be fertile and to be there and to be watered and to be truly present with it.

Because if you’re always looking “there”… you’re never gonna be” here” and that’s where your opportunity lives.

It’s truly being in the moment…being grateful…being appreciative and connecting with what you have that makes for true happiness.

It’s here, not there.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project