The courage it takes to make that first step into the unknown is great.

It calls you to trust. It asks of you to show your greatest self to the world. It demands of you a sense of faith that the way you are heading is destined for you. Most of all, it requires you drop what is in the past, the dead and gone, in order to step into what is new.

That takes something.

That takes invoking something deep inside.

But once you start making those steps, the fear begins to diminish and the excitement starts to arrive. Once you start working your way through the upcoming obstacles and gain the momentum necessary to see it all the way through, that’s when things become very very fun.

Most never get there.

Most never get through those first few steps because that’s where the fear lives. But if you can, you will find that it gets easier and easier as time goes on.

Sure you will be challenged.

Sure you will be tested.

But you will answer those tests with greater ability and courage each time because you begin to believe in yourself.

That, is priceless.

For me, I start walking on that path. In starting a new year, I start a new commitment towards something I’ve never actually done – writing every single day for a year.

My heart asks for adventure and wishes for me to pour out the words onto the paper more consistently again. I have seen from the hours of inner looking that it has always been the writing that has kept me in alignment and everything has stemmed from the way I put my journey down.

I am aware of the challenges that lay ahead of me. However, I’m committed. I’m committed to making some big changes this year and sticking with them come hell or high water.

I also know that I have the experience.

In setting my goals and dreams for this year, I’ve looked back upon what I have achieved in the past and remembered the moments that have made me. They have given me strength, wisdom, and insight into how I need to proceed forward and what I can truly accomplish.

This year for me is about roots.

For a few years now, I have allowed myself to expand in every way possible but have neglected to dig these roots deep deep down into the soil. I have run across the surface of the earth searching for things that were already here and now its time to connect with that reality.

These roots want to create a network of support. A net. Layers upon layers of energy that feed back and forth. They want to connect with all possibilities. They want to be nourished with deep unconditional love.

And, the rest of me is willing to accept that calling.

So I’m ready to step in. I’m willing to answer. I have belief in this path and love in my heart.

Here’s to a year I will never forget.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project