well into the mountains

For two months I’ve hiked well into the mountains and found my deepest sense of truth.

Interestingly enough, a few years ago I had this vision of spending a couple of months in the mountains alone holding the questions I needed answered. While at that time I knew it would be a very beneficial thing for me to do, I didn’t understand just how amazing it would be.

There’s something about wandering in-between the trees that brings out the spirit in me. I think it’s the stillness that makes me resonate with my intuition on a deeper level. There’s nothing in the way. There’s no outside influence – just me. Me and myself and everything else that is.

That’s an extraordinary feeling.

In that place, everything becomes very clear. The constant chatter and white noise die down completely and you are left with who you truly are. There’s no need for a mask in this place. It’s just you.

This was liberating and challenging for me at times. I realized just how much work there was for me to do. I saw the path that I was meant to travel and all of the things I had to let go of. I saw the opportunities that were before me and what I could create with my life. I saw it all as plain as paper and for a quick moment…that clarity paralyzed me.

Is it really just like that?

But now, as the days go on, I realize that it is the way it has been seen. There’s no more to add to it or anything else to take away. As hard as it was I let go of some bad habits that have plagued me and started to open up doors of possibility.

Now everything has a very clear intention behind it.

Now it’s all in alignment.

Many things are going to change over this year. Last year with all of my traveling represented a opportunity for discovering the world. I know I’m not done yet but I’ve had a great taste of what that experience is like.

But now there’s this. 

All in. Chips all on the table.

Every time I’ve done this, my world has changed.

I’m ready for that again.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project