Be still.

Every day I’m trying to dedicate time to quieting all of the noise down and just being here. As there are now hundreds of thousands of followers, comments to respond to, things to make, calls to be had and so many inputs flying in, it becomes more important than ever to slow all the way down and just have time for myself.

So I’ve been getting quiet.

Very quiet.

In all of that silence I’m learning. I’m learning what’s actually going on for me. I’m finding that there are things that have not been taken care of from a long long time ago that I have to learn to accept and finally let go of. That piece, has been the biggest piece for me.

I’ve learned that I’ve held onto some people and some things for so long that I didn’t even know they were still residing in the depths of my soul.

My heart was aware…but my head was completely out of the loop.

So when I’ve stepped into that quiet, everything shifts. I come into full contact with what’s trying to guide the way. I start hearing what I’ve pushed away or ignored and let all of that pass through me.

I’m learning to not resist. I’m letting it be there. All I can tell you is that the process of going through that can be incredibly hard at times but also unbelievably liberating. Things move you, but if you stick with them and don’t try to escape, they shift as well.

I remember many months ago I was really agitated by the silence that surrounds a great deal of my life. I think part of that was my internal compass trying to get me going in the right direction with my coaching and open myself up to the possibilities of running my own thing. I also think that a piece of that was I was refusing to get in touch with a lot that was actually going on for me.

If I’m being real, there seems to have always been a lot of challenges for me to get through. It’s never been easy. Most of those challenges have been around other people and also me battling demons in order to accomplish my dreams.

That’s how it has always been.

I’m not exactly sure that’s how it will always be but we will see.

This morning, while scrolling through my Facebook feed I came across this incredible description about Venus being in retrograde and a horoscope for March. I was born in July (Cancer) so read this.

CANCER – You’re on a journey now — whether physically or metaphorically — asking you to keep your perspective and eyes on the prize. Venus stations retrograde in your 10th House this month asking you to re-evaluate your ambitions, and what something is truly worth to you. There is nothing wrong, but you’re horizons are opening up, and you’re reaching a vantage point showing you infinite possibilities and the deeper potential in a situation. Explore your options as you let go of ambitions you’ve outgrown. This is a process of clarifying and sharpening a long-term vision, so you can focus your energy, to make solid progress. What does success mean to you? What would you to get to the top? It’s a cutthroat world but stay true to your integrity or you could slip. If there’s sense of you taking the fall for something — trust the truth always come out. You need not compete, try to uphold a public image, seek vindication, or look for someone to blame. Especially right now, even what you consider to be a mistake could be the answer to your prayers. There are no short cuts to success; it’s built through blood, sweat, and tears, trial and error. It’s all worth it if you’re moving to a destination that you truly care about. The important thing is to not give up. Keep your perspective and make choices in your most optimistic vision, while keeping one foot in reality. Trust, any roads that fall away are revealing a deeper underlying opportunity — asking you to rise to a challenge, recognise your authority in your life, and follow your passion. This is not about success in the eyes of the world, but being your best and most authentic self, as you materialize a long cherished (perhaps childhood) dream. (

Horizons opening up. Infinite possibilities. Deeper potential. Authenticity. Sharpening the long term vision.

These things resonate with me down to the core.

As I have built my practice from the ground up, which was my biggest goal for when I came home back to the U.S. I am now in a place of wanting to really take it to the next level. There has been a lot of thinking going on about my journey throughout Europe and the rest of the world and it seems like life is opening up for me.

I know, that in this process, I’m going to have to say goodbye to many things that I’m going to have a hard time leaving.

But that’s part of the process.

One door closes and the next door opens.

Right now, as thins are, I am just trying to keep my faith that I am on the right path. I know that this path has heart. I know that the things I am setting out to do will not only change my world but the lives of others.

So I have to keep going on. There’s really no other option for me as my heart sees it.

Off we go again.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project