Touch me.

I am the darker sides of you. The colors you have neglected for some time and the sides that are begging to come out.

Touch me.

You will learn so many things about yourself if you walk down the stairs to fine me…

Dwelling deep within the recesses of your soul.

Touch me. Hold me. Love me.

I will add depth to the strokes of light you paint onto the canvas. I will add harmony to the chaos that you tried to avoid for such a long time. If you love me, I will bring out deep unhealed pains in you…

To give you the chance to heal them.

I will make you shake in your boots and want to run as quickly as lightning strikes the ground. But if you stay, I will show you something you’ve never seen before. Beauty in the depths. Beauty in the cracks of your heart.

I will show you things you’ve only dreamed of…the thoughts that dance in and out of your mind as you shut your eyes. But you must first touch me. You must first decide that you’re going to be with me.

I am your shadow.

The depths and the darkness inside of you. And what good is light without its proper counterpart? What good is light without some contrast.

Because if all we see is light, we get used to its presence. We get familiar with it and start to under appreciate it.

But if you let me in, I will show you a full life. A life full of wonder and mystery. A life with a hint of madness. A deep romance…one with grand pleasure…and one with great pain.

Because there cannot exist one without the other. With anyone, there is some madness in real things. In this world of smokescreens and shadows, real things don’t come along very often.

Our objects lack depth.

Our people are afraid of the depths themselves.

But to the man or woman who isn’t scared to jump off the cliff and tumble down the rabbit hole…how much they will discover…

The greatest journey begins in not a step forward, but the opening up of the ground underneath you and a falling into something that will bring magic out of your being.

So touch me…

And I will change you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project