When I sit back and look at all now, I begin to understand what this was all about.

This 5 years of writing. This 5 years of exploring. The constant effort of shedding old skin and learning what was going to be evoked in me.

I see it all…as if the dots had just suddenly connected behind me. And truth be told, it actually makes some sense to me.

Everything that I’ve gone through. All the ways I’ve transformed. It all just kind of clicked and I realized what was in front of me.

The greatest adventure of my life.

I had been freed up from everything that was holding me back and transformed into someone who was completely open and ready to take on an experience that not many get to take.

Throughout this year, I’ve been thinking of this adventure, but never really was at the point of knowing whether or not it was real. But as the days of this week slipped by, I realized that something I had been working so hard for and what I had only dreamed of actually turned into…

A real possibility.

When that hit me, I was a bit shocked. Shocked to the point where I actually stopped everything completely to make sure it was real. It was. As real as real could be.


New blood came to me.

New fire into this heart.

I had been making moves here, but I knew that I was starting to get stagnant. I knew that something else out there was starting to call my name and wanted me to take another risk. I knew that the path I was destined to take was different than everyone else’s.

I’ve known I was a bit different since I was little…and I used to not like that…

But now I love it.

Now I realize that’s exactly where my magic is and I cherish it being there. That’s the thing that’s going to help me get to the stage on day and touch hearts.

When my purpose bubbled up in March of this year, I knew something was going to change about my life.

What I didn’t understand in the moment was exactly where the word “encouragement” was going to take me. It was no longer about motivation or inspiration, but about encouraging others.

What has unfolded over the past few months is something that has taken on a life of its own and finally caused everything else to pop. Something I always knew would happen…and it finally did.

There’s something to be said here about trust as well. I’ve been asking myself the question of what trust really means to me a lot lately and I’ve been discovering where my definitions really exist.

It’s hard to trust in something when you can’t see it…but I think it makes it even more valuable when you can really trust in those same things you cannot see.

You start to trust in the cyclical nature of things.

You being to trust in those gut feelings.

You being to trust in the process.

My life has been moving at about 100mph since the begging of this year and I know that the greatest changes are just about to happen…

But those changes were preceded by 5 years of getting ready for it all.

And I’m about to show up to the party.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project