Can you hear it?


In the closing hours of the night, that sounds of the pen dancing its way across the paper continues to turn up the heat in our ever evolving love affair.

But these letters, these letters are something different.

Armed with new depths it’s hard to really tell you what has been coming out onto the paper. I’m not even sure I understand it quite yet. But what I can tell you, is that it’s coming from a completely different place that I’ve never been able to touch before.

The fundamental shifts and changes in my character have birthed something…something…





Dangerous in the most perfect of ways. Because what has made its way onto the paper in these late nights has been as real, honest, and packed with simplicity and countless emotions all at the same time.

A paradox you may think it to be…

How could both of those things exist at the same time?

And yet, the do.

Both remaining true…and if you really continued to dive into it, you would find out that there is much more there at play as well.

These are strange and yet incredibly exciting times. I’ve shown up in a way that was always just out of my grasp. The people that I am attracting into my life…the adventures…the excitement…the boldness. All part of me, but never on this level. Never to this degree.

Whatever rules I had followed before…have somehow just disintegrated.

It’s as if I’ve lost myself in the moment.

And those moments have continued on and on, one by one, needling their way into this drunkenness with living.

Strange. Exciting. Addicting.

This post is going to be rather short. In a way I feel completely satiated with the words that have landed themselves here. They somehow seem to describe what is actually going on…despite how whimsical they may be.

I guess that’s the point. You have to know when to put down the pen and stop writing, because anything else would do it a complete disservice.

So here I am. Drunk with living again.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project