Well I’m not that old, but this dog is learning new tricks.

In fact, I am reinventing myself day in and day out. Let me tell you what has been going on lately. In one way or another, we are given a little push by the universe – maybe shaking us up a bit – and from the depths a little bubble surfaces and suddenly delivers you your purpose. This moment actually came from the depths of my meditation practice. I was sitting there, my alarm went off for me to end my meditation, and then…pop. I realized that what I am doing right now, the writing, the practicing for coaching school, the practicing for speeches and everything that surrounds the purpose of The Better Man Project is what my purpose actually is. For the longest time I was trying to figure out if this was just a piece of the puzzle, but apparently I’ve been so blind to the fact that this is in fact what I should be doing.

Pretty amazing feeling.

So when that happened, and when I was shaken up a bit, I was able to flip the cards I was dealt and see that there was in fact a massive force working in the background…and all I needed to do was pull the curtain back to see that I was already doing my purpose…I was just significantly disconnected from it. So I turned a negative into a positive and started to move. And oh boy have I been moving this week. Book after book after book – videos, articles, audiobooks, everything I can get my hands on I have been digesting – all coming from a place of “this is going to help me with my purpose and express that more fully.” So I’ve been burning through everything and having these massive realizations that are connecting with me deeply.

When I am reading books, I am always highlighting the things that stand out to me the most. But to take it even farther, I’ve started to write down these little sayings on flashcards with a sharpie and going through them every single day. They remind me of what I have learned (twice a day) and keep me in a constant state of learning. Needless to say, that stack of flash cards is almost 300 strong. I can’t even believe how big that stack is going to be by the end of the year. Probably thousands.

In a couple of months, I am going to be opening up my professional life coaching business for the first time. I am beyond excited about this because I have 1. been dreaming about it for a long time and 2. I am fully ready and willing to help people free their minds, hearts, and bodies. The reason why I am studying for my American College of Sports Medicine physical trainer exam is so I can accurately and knowledgeably help people free their bodies…along with my professional integral coach practice. I wanted to know the specific ways I could do this…and so at the same time I am studying like crazy for that test.

I’ve realized that all of the work that I have done over the past 4 years is all now converging to a point. I can feel it in my bones. The knowledge that I have gained from digital and social media building are converging into me building my own online practice that will stand out amongst others. The creation of social media communities will come into play. The time I spent working my butt off trying to build something from scratch is coming into play. All of the books and the studying I have ever done is coming into play. The years and years of not making a dime off of what I have been doing…well, that’s also coming into play as well. All of these things are converging and I am having that feeling of things lighting on fire.

So we are going to light it up and watch it burn.

Life, now that my purpose has bubbled up, is pretty darn exciting. The tough times continue to test me – but since I am deeply rooted in what I am doing and what I am set out to create in this world, they pass much more quickly. That has been one of the biggest differences that I have noticed so far. Things are coming and going constantly, but I have identified with something that never changes – this type of energy that has always been here and will always be here.

It’s a bit hard to explain…maybe somewhere along this journey I will find the words for it.

If you don’t know what your purpose is yet – spend some time alone. Meditate, or just be in solitude. Turn off your phone for a portion of the day and just sit there and feel through it. It’s not going to come up in your mind, but rather from an energy deep within. Don’t force it…just open yourself up.

When it hits you…and it will…be ready to feel this incredible feeling. You might not know exactly what to do right away, but you will know that feeling when it arrives.

So be ready.

If you’re even considering finding that something that really matters to you, you are already on your way.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project