No fear. No fear. No fear.

Remember kid, do it for your family.

Do it for your friends.

Do it for the people who you love.

Do it for all those who supported you in the past.

Do it for those who support you right now.

Do it for the people who are struggling right now to achieve their dreams.

Do it for the people chained and shackled by the same disease you were.

Do it for those who don’t have strength.

Do it for the heavens above.

Do it for those who are searching for light.

Do it for those who have found the courage to cave dive into the depths of their souls.

And do it for the people who doubted you, who told you that you weren’t good enough.

Who made fun of you.

Who bullied you.

Who outcasted you.

Who drove you into pain.

Who destroyed your trust.

Who told you that you weren’t worth their time.

Who acted like you weren’t worth their love. 

Do it for the people who left you when you needed them.

Those who only showed up when you were being successful.

Who just want something from you.

Do it for those people as well. 

Find it deep inside you to cast out anger, regret, hate, and hurt and use that energy to push yourself.

To make yourself better.

Do it for the people who are currently talking behind your back.

Do it for them. Because little do they know that you are loving it. You’ve always loved it, ever since you played baseball. You loved when the other team would scream deliberately at you to try to knock you off of your game…and you would just smile and shake your head.

Do it for them…and they will one day witness.

Burn that energy black, and at the same time, burn white smoke so all those who love you can see that you are doing it for them.

Never hold back.

And one more thing kid…

It’s the most important reason of all.

Do it for you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project