The place where you start feeling fear is not the edge. The more and more I go through my journey, the more I realize that the edge is far beyond the feelings of typical fear and worry. No, your edge is something much different. Your edge, a place that is almost never seen, will demand a different type of emotion or feeling altogether.

I don’t know what that is – but I am getting a hunch.

Our minds are like the universe…an ever expanding entity. As you go through daily life, you experience new things and your mind continues to move outward. You give yourself the chance to grow and mature. That is, if you decide to. You can either accept the fact that the world is full of things that you have absolutely no clue of…and learn like crazy and dance in your infinite  cluelessness, or you can go another route. You can let the universe continue to expand around you, and your mind can restrict, contract, tighten and implode.

The world is going to move forward without you…like it or not. Many focus on how harsh this place we live in can be, but I have always understood life as a balancing act. As harsh as it may be, that also means there are unbelievable acts of kindness and love going on. Black implies white.

Those acts don’t make the news. The people who express unconditional love, put positive vibes out into the world, and put others in front of themselves. Those people rarely make it into the news in front of the sex tape stars, the celebrities who cherish confrontation, and the gossip and dirt that flows around the world. But maybe that’s the point? Maybe the fame and fortune is the spotlight that you actually want to ignore when you are moving down the positive path? Maybe, that’s another shadow making you think you want it, but when you get there, it is far from anything you ever imagined.

I will not allow my honesty, dignity, and integrity to be stripped by such things. I would rather walk as a poor man who maintained his integrity than the wealthy one who can’t sleep at night. Not because I don’t want to experience what life has to offer, but if I am going to have everything taken away from me…all my things, all my money, everything…then I will retain the one thing no one can ever strip from me…my positive soul.

In the end, I can build it all back.

I haven’t arrived at this place because of luck. I arrived here because of my love for learning. As time rolls on, it only gets stronger. The thing is though, there were many times where I shut myself off and hid from the reality that I knew…and those were the worst times of my life.

Many can live in a state of numbness…I’ve been there. I’ve been there many times. This doesn’t stop you from “knowing” that there is a different more exciting world out there. You just know you are being safe. You are playing the game right in the middle or even below that bell curve. For any person who has ever dreamed ever…and I would venture to say this is everyone…that is no way to bring buckets of happiness into your life.

So find the edge…or at least leave yourself open to the search.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project