One night right before I was going to bed, I heard a knock.

Hello? Who is there?

“It’s you?”


“It’s you answer the door it’s cold out here.”

What is this some sort of joke?!

“Answer the damn door.”

::door opens::

“Whatsup dude? Long time no see. I like the place! Small but I like it.”

Make yourself at home.

“Look I don’t have much time here because I have to run but I wanted to talk to you really quick. Well, to be honest, I just wanted to show up and surprise you.”

Who…who are you?

“I’m you I thought I told you this already.”

This isn’t real.

“It is my friend. It is. I am you.”

“Alright I will explain. I am you behind all the fears, procrastination, and doubts. I am you…the better version of you…the one that runs faster than you currently on the treadmill, lifts harder, focuses more, and reads more than the…you…right now. I mean basically I am awesome.”

So you mean to tell me…you are me…but like version 2.0?

“Lets not kid ourselves here, this has got to be like version 6.0. I mean look at you.”

I see

“I just wanted to show up and remind you of what you are working towards. I can’t really tell you when you will show up again, but hey…I think I might make a habit of seeing this dumb look on your face. Anyways, I wanted to show you the real you…the one that’s not afraid of making decisions and standing by them no matter what. Oh p.s. that video blog you started, well you are not supposed to be really telling you this right now, but it is crushing. Oh and don’t worry about girls, just keep your head down for a while and everything will work itself out. Oh…last thing, don’t take anything personally. Most of the time they don’t really even mean it.”


“Got to go! Things to do. Place to be. Good luck!”

::door opens and then slams shut::

::sits down on couch…::


Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project