I want to tell you what this is like…being where I am right now. In the days before the book comes out, I feel like I am in the eye of the storm. I have people around me telling me that it is going to go fantastic, that we are going to crush our goals, that I don’t realize how much of an impact this has actually made and how much of a reach it truly does have. I sit here…conflicted. I have been dreaming big, but there is this just ‘cluelessness’ that truly sits inside my stomach. I have been writing The Better Man Project for years, yet, have only focused on a couple things: maintaining my humility and trying to become the man I have always dreamed of each and every day. An incredible amount of transformation has occurred…but to be honest, besides the milestones I have written down and the goals I have set…I haven’t focused at all on what the ‘potential’ of this book could be. All I know is that when I put it down for the 7th time after reading it out loud, twice,  to Watson for almost 8 hours…I felt like there was some magic in it. That is what I have put my faith in and that is the only thing that truly matters to me.

To be here, at this point…the brink of making a dream I had in my mind something concrete is incredible. Trust me, I have asked every single question in the book. Can I do this? Is it good enough? Do you really think it will be a hit? What do you think about this? What do you think about that? Is this garbage? Is this even possible? Am I being realistic? The list goes on…in fact, every single question you could ever ask about something you are going into was asked. But…I never asked one thing.

Am I actually going to do this?

Never once…among all of the other questions…did I doubt that I was actually going to go through with this. I knew that this was what I wanted…and I was going through all the way to the end. And here I sit…waiting for the company I am working with to convert 7 months of hard work into a file that will be sold on Amazon, iTunes, and every other E-bookstore in the world. I am still in the eye of the storm. I cannot see what is going on around me. I am completely blind. But I know that I will never have this feeling in the same way ever again – the feeling of launching a dream – that first step into the blinding light. We are 10,000 strong here on this blog…I can’t wait to see everyone…hear your stories…and hear what you have to say about something I have worked so hard on. I’ll be here each and every day doing one thing: inspiring people to live powerful and impassioned lives. That is what I am up to in this world. That will never end.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project