It’s pretty interesting to me to hear the stories of people who are just about to start their journeys.

What I find even more interesting, however, are the stories of those who are experiencing ‘growing pains.’ Those nasty annoying pains that start to come back up when you decide to take on transformation. Consider for a second  that things have to get worse before they get better. I had a ceramics teacher once tell me that when I was making a massive clay statue. He said that most often, you have to make it look incredibly ugly before it can turn out to be the masterpiece you concocted in your mind. Pretty darn true.

The pains you feel are a sign that things are working. You have to go through the withdrawals. Get it out of your system – whatever that may be. Remember, you cannot carpet bomb all of your problems at once. You have to take the time to tackle them one by one. Not because we don’t have a lot of multitaskers out there, but because you will not give the proper attention to the task at hand if you try to fix everything at once. There shouldn’t be any doubt as to why almost a full majority of people fail at their resolutions. You can’t change at once. A date on the calendar sure as hell won’t do it for you – it is a day by day thing.

The intent. Probably one of the most fundamental questions out there. What is the intent of what I am doing? At the start, for me, it was to just get better each and every day. As things grew, it adapted, and I added on the purpose of inspiring others to live bold and powerful lives. You can’t hold onto things so tightly that they never grow and change. You have to be willing to adjust your plan…but always remember the purity of your intent. Why am I doing this?

Know your outcome. Before you start, know what the end is going to look like in your mind. This is so crucial because without the ability to see it, you won’t believe it, and you sure as hell won’t achieve it. Know your outcome. Know your vision. Of course the end will not look exactly the way you thought it was going to…but thats part of the surprise. Remember, don’t be too afraid to let go of things in order to let new things come into your life. Mix it up. Change it up. If you aren’t getting the results you want…change your view…change your actions. I promise you it will all morph around you.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project