I want to talk about something that is really hard for a lot of people to talk about (including myself) to not just contemplate, but to actually go through with. I have been reading this 600 page book by Napoleon Hill called “The Laws of Success” (I highly recommend this puppy, I am nearly done with it). Basically he outlines 15 laws that the most successful humans throughout our modern history have mastered and have attributed to much of their success. Anyways, I love books like this because they teach me a lot of things I could be doing better etc, and give me things that I can implement into my own life. So go read it. But the underlying principle of this entire book is something that he calls the Master Mind principle. The Master Mind principle is essentially a union between you and another person, or a group of people, where you can share your ideas, your visions, inspirations etc without anyone judging etc. The effect of this is that you have essentially a dream factory, and by using the support and mental connection with those around you, you can create success much greater than by just standing alone. This is a very short description of the concept, but it is on point. However, once someone in the group begins to plague the rest with pessimism and negative thoughts, they must quickly be removed or else the whole venture will fail. Furthermore, the group must always have a leader who keeps everyone together, because of the latter concept, the fact that harmony must be always present. 

What the hell does this have to do with the title? There comes a point in the book where it talks about surrounding yourself with people who have the same mental outlook as you. This not only feeds your mind when you are focusing with them, but it also feeds your subconscious. Through the Law of Suggestion, whatever we tell our brain that we need, it will find a way to make that happen in the material world. This law works both ways. You can deliberately sabotage yourself…or you can lift yourself up, specifically by those you who keep in your circle. You have to say goodbye to those who are bringing down your thought process. It’s really true. There’s nothing more detrimental to your own personal success than someone who is plaguing your mind with negative thoughts. You have enough of that every single day by  yourself…you really don’t need more of it. Let go. You will grow. You always have to be willing to let go to really see what your potential is. You might fall, but you will rise again.

It’s short today for a reason. Feed the positive thoughts in your mind, and you will get positive results. There is a major difference between failure and temporary defeat. Most people give up, statistically, after 4 times of failing. Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times before he nailed it…that pumps me up. Because no matter how much I fail…if I keep trying, eventually it will stick. That’s the feeling I have in me today. Keep going after it. Be patient with yourself. You will make it.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project