It all matters. There has been a sentiment that has been in my mind for the past year that actually, in effect, “nothing” matters. But as I was sitting in the hot tub last night, after taking most of the day to dive deep into a book, it struck me hard. Our size is insignificant in regard to the proportion of the universe, this is true. But I refuse to believe that the things we do, the things we say, the acts we perform do not actually matter. Everything in this world is made up of moving parts (yes even the things that seem to be solid and unmoving are created out of the same things we are) and from this there is always energy. As we go throughout our days, we are constantly moving the entire universe around us. Because every single part of you is moving and bumping into the rest of the world, and essentially you are moving through a constant flow of energy. Yes, I am getting a little sporty right now with my writing…bear with me.

So if you are always moving other energy around, you are creating a profound impact on the area around you, and if you have the power of thought, of pen, and of voice, you can even send that same energy out to millions…maybe billions of people throughout the world. I think this is incredibly interesting, and how could your actions not affect the rest of the world. I mean, maybe you are not on the platform of world view yet, but you have the power…yet the opportunity to impact millions of people if you feel strongly about it. If you set out to take what energy you have inside you to the rest of the people around you, you can change the course of how things are going. I had a very pessimistic view of this thought for a long time, that basically no matter what I do things will not change. This is not a healthy view. And it sank into the bottom of the pool never to be seen again after the revelation hit me.

What is profound though, is the energy you transfer to other people, and the energy you get from other people. It all matters because you never know what you are going to get or going to pull from someone around you when you are in need. You could be at the gym, and someone could really be getting after it…going for that goal…and you look at them while you are completely unmotivated, get up off your butt, and you go out to accomplish something in your own workout or maybe even your own life. The way I choose to see it and the way I believe it really to be is that person who is really going after it is radiating energy and a message. They are radiating the signal saying “Go Get It! Go after your dreams!” They are giving people permission to go after what they want. They are showing by example and they are doing it themselves…one of the most powerful lessons you can teach to anyone. The power of action.

The people around you know you to be someone. They come to you because you radiate something…whatever it is. And  they spend time with you because they get something from you. This really is not a bad thing. This “get” is not a selfish take (in most cases) but it is a transfer of energy. Have you ever recognized that you just feel freaking incredible when you spend time around certain people? So the people you choose to spend your time with and choose to give your energy to are really…in short…special. I mean you have the entire world to impact, and out of everyone, you chose to give them that piece of you that the rest of the world is hungry to see. I feel like that is something special…something meant to be cherished.

Everything matters. Every text, every call, every message, every letter, every smile, every handshake, every step, every second…matters. Before you decide to ignore someone, not answer them, not talk to them,  not give them any response, recognize that whatever decision you make is going to radiate that message to everyone around you, and that is going to effect a lot more than just yourself. Your decisions have a gigantic impact on everything. Negativity will plague your life. It will drag you down. It will tear you apart. It will destroy your dreams. If you let it attack your life, and then pass that on to someone else through whatever decisions you make throughout the day, you are taking all the opportunity you had in the world to make a big impact on someone else’s life today, and ruining it. Let’s not even get into the chain reaction of what impact your actions have on people after your “done” with your decision.

Everything matters…because it matters to everyone else. Be a beacon of light, not darkness.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project