Sometimes…you have to let everything go…in order to know truly if anything exists. I have always maintained the thought that if you aren’t willing to risk it all, then you will not be able to play a big game in life. What if you are sitting at the poker table of life…and you are playing your game…and that hand comes along where you know you need to go all in. You need to play this hand perfectly, and then at the end push all your chips in the middle. You can’t do this if your scared of letting those chips not stand by your hip anymore. You have to be willing to break the bank. I am trying something new…very new, and it is a path that hasn’t ever been traveled by me. But you know what? I am happy about it, because I know that this is my decision…whatever that decision is…I made it and no looking back twice.

Because when you doubt your decisions, you end up doubting yourself and your ability to come up with the right choice for you. That takes a lot of power away from you. It takes away your ability to reach deep down and ask yourself what truly is going to make the biggest impact today. For a little while, in a specific arena, I have been only looking from this particular point of view, a little bit scared to try what I just decided to do.

I had a dream last night, and this was a perfect dream for this post. I was on the edge of a cliff that Hawaiian locals cliff dive off…and it was one of the highest dives out there. I was sitting at the edge, scared out of my mind, and I remembered that when you let fear grow within you, you are lost because it will paralyze you. All the sudden, the fear in me completely died and I jumped. In what seemed as forever, I finally hit the water…and I woke up. That dream was definitely my subconscious telling me I have to go for it…dive into your fears…just go.

Everyone has their moments, and they will destroy you or make you stronger. It is a choice. You choose whether or not you have power in your life. If you are laying in bed all day because you physically cant get out…you lay in that bed at 100% and you give it your best shot. Your body may be weak right now, but your mind is fresh. If you feed your mind good thoughts, you will grow the most powerful thing you have in your life.

We all are seeking to do something great in this world, so go out and start. There is no starting without that leap of faith. Jump. Build your wings on the way down.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project