It’s amazing what you can do with your life when you just go ahead and make the decision to go after what you want.

There are a few things that I have put my mind to.

But today, it’s about those little things in life that just make you smile. Today really couldn’t have been any better.

Despite the slight sunburn on my back from laying out on the beach today in Santa Cruz, there have just been so many little moments where I was just smiling.

I have been writing away like crazy, and after a few pages I went and laid on my bed, put in my Ipod listening to some country, and just passed out.

I woke up with the biggest smile on my face.

This brand new song came one that brought up a lot of good memories for me and I just felt great. The thing is though, its been like this for almost a week now.

Waking up with a smile on my face, ready to start the day even if I am a little bit tired. I am just excited about life. Really excited.

And really, I always keep in mind, “Worrying about things in life is as effective as trying to solve a math equation with bubble gum.” I highly don’t recommend that. 

I look through sometimes all of the old posts that I have written, and really just sit and stare. Good lord.

Thats basically the reaction I have. But its really not fear or being ashamed or anything like that.

Rather, its more about happiness. Let me explain. Happiness has never been a destination for me, although there were times when I set out to be happy, which was all wrong.

I understand that happiness is really just a state in which we are at peace with all of the things in our life. Happiness for me, is being able to focus on other people, knowing that I am doing okay myself.

There are times when you really do need to focus on yourself and get it together.

But after a while, you have to make a decision to wipe the slate clean.

I am almost there. I can feel it. And what I mean about wiping the slate clean is this.

Sometimes, we are dealt really interesting cards that for whatever reason end up in our hand. Those cards get played and you get your results.

But you can only tell your story so many times. I was thinking about this a lot last night. I have told my story to a lot of people. Yes, with details omitted, but there have been a few examples of where I have told that story with the details included.

The thing is, that story for me is a consistent reminder of things that have happened in the past. Things that for some reason or another have held me back. Don’t get me wrong, its good for you to know where you have come from, but keep these stories to yourself.

Play them close to your chest. You don’t have to tell your story again for one reason: because you are now living in the present. So wipe your slate clean.

Make the conscious decision that no longer will you be defined by your past, even though some may still remind you of it, but start being defined of what you are doing in these moments right now.

I have written before that sometimes the best time to rebuild yourself is when all of your buildings have been knocked down and you get to choose which ones you want to rebuild.

Well, there is another part of this. Sometimes, the best time to do some construction is when your feeling great, in fact, this should be every single day of your life.

Work on yourself, change your bad habits, become more efficient, be more motivated, keep your promises, encourage people, the list goes on and on. But this only comes from realizing that you are not who you were yesterday, you are only who you are today.


The ability to smile is one of the most powerful things you will ever have.

Smile at people, and they will smile back (well most of the time). But just be happy. So often we are caught up in things that dont really matter. Or, we make situations and circumstances bigger than they actually are.

Yeah, I know things happen that are painful, but life could be much worse. I know thats a interesting way of looking at it, but realizing also how much better life could be is more valuable.

And trust me, I know that when I am smiling, I have the world at my fingertips. 

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project