What you have in front of you, right at this moment, is a blank piece of paper. What you write on that piece of paper depends entirely upon you. No one can write it for you. The pen isn’t going to magically move by itself.⁠

So knowing that, what do you want to write? How do you want this story to take place from this moment on? Do you want it to be filled with courage, love, compassion and joy? Or do you want it to be filled with bitterness, greed, resentment and self-pity?⁠

Yes, the pages of the past have been written and unfortunately you can’t go back and make physical edits. But that doesn’t mean that story is static. While the words may be permanently inscribed onto those old pieces of paper, the way you see them is not set in stone. ⁠

The truth is, you are the creator of your story. If you don't like it, you're the only one who can change it. Evan Sanders The Better Man Project Quote

You can choose to look back from time to time at those chapters with the eyes of judgement or with the eyes that seek wisdom. How you choose to go back in time will determine how you feel about it. It shouldn’t be a surprise that darkness yields darkness and light yields more light. That’s also your choice as well. ⁠

While there are events that come into our lives that are out of our control – someone accidentally spills ink onto the book we are writing in – what we decide to do in response to that spilled ink is also in our control. How you respond to these moments – the good, the bad and the ugly – also is a choice. ⁠

And what you will come to see is that everything is a choice. They are yours to make and when you make them, they shape the reality you are in. If you want a different reality, don’t spend time and effort beating yourself up for how things look like now. Step away from that choice. Instead, embrace where you are at – the darkness and the light – and move towards making the choices that you know will resonate deeply within your soul. ⁠

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project