There’s no turning back now. Forward I go without fear

In this moment, as my feet hit the ground and I take my first steps towards manifesting a dream that has existed for most of my life, I’m reminded of that old Morpheus quote from The Matrix.

“There’s a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.”

For a couple of years, I’ve known the path. I’ve studied, learned, practiced and even from time to time really started to run on it.

But I always returned back.

Coming back to this place over and over again was never where I was meant to stay. I arrived here because of a series of circumstances playing themselves out in a way where I eventually became trapped in a cycle (self-perpetuated at times) of fear and guilt.

As much as the voice within told me to “let go” I couldn’t. I wasn’t able to. There were too many things throughout the years that rooted themselves in deeply and I just didn’t have the ability to at the time.

But one by one, I’ve yanked out those ancient weeds and filled that space with something much more healthy.

And that has led me here.

Finally walking the path.

Life isn’t linear in the way we think it is. We believe that because we count our age by some numerical quantity that we are moving on a straight line.

But if I’ve learned anything, this is far from how it actually works. We grow, expand, and contract in ways we don’t often recognize. We start walking on paths, move in different directions, and come back to them if we are meant to.

Then, there’s the realization that every single part of you – mind, body and soul – is connected. When you begin to really take care of yourself in one area, the others are impacted positively as well. And, vice versa.

I think the important thing about knowing this is that while some things may have changed and you can recall moments from the past, you still – in this moment right now – have the ability to honor the calling of who you are meant to be.

The gift that I’ve received is being able to finally hear what that actually is.

All of the pain, suffering, confusion and dread that has taken place can be healed no matter how far back it goes.

And, my task is to trust in something relatively new. To do it every day. To believe in it. To believe The Messenger. To know that it’s possible. To allow myself to let go of many things, not by sheer will, but by surrendering to a greater design.

It is not about putting in massive amounts of effort or by muscling through it all.

It’s about deeply honoring a series of choices that will inevitably lead me to where I need to be.

Forward, I go, without fear.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project