Throughout the years, I’ve reached a few moments in my life where I stand at a crossroads. 

I can continue down the path that I have known and discovered for a great deal of time, or I can answer a calling to head in a different direction. 

My soul, more than anything, knows the right answer to the question of “Which way should I go?” However, the rest of me has put up quite the fight and resisted despite my best intentions and efforts. 

This has been my story for the past few years now. 

The truth is, I wasn’t ready to move forward onto another unknown path. I was timid, nervous, and fearful that once again the shoe would drop and I would find myself devastated by loss. 

For better or worse there have been a handful of situations over the past few years that have been hard to move past. The residual pains of events that marked my heart left a significant amount of scar tissue that manifested themselves through an abundance of fear in answering another call. 

I’ve seen this clear as day. I’ve noticed this about myself and witnessed the repercussions of acting before I was fully committed. The failed attempts stacked up and my desire to continue changing was slowly but surely snuffed out. 

In having spent the past two weeks writing the origin story of The Better Man Project I’ve come to realize just how far I have traveled throughout these past 7 years. 

I couldn’t have predicted under any circumstances what would have taken place during this time, but in the end I am proud of taking a handful of punches right on the chin and still keeping my heart in the game.

This choice that stands before me has been one of the hardest to step into fully. It has been a transition and one of the most demanding “leveling up” experiences I have ever been through. 

When you are first starting out the challenges and lessons are much easier to go through. But as time goes on, the levels increase in difficulty and the challenges require that you keep coming back to the table again and again and again. 

(the video game loving kid in me loves this reference)

I know exactly what I have to do. I also know that I have to do it for the next 365 days. 

Here are the 5 Points (as I like to call them)

Daily meditation
Raw veganism (99% of the time)
Daily writing + filming + content
Daily workouts
Daily business goals 

I know that if I can do these 5 things over the next 365 days, my life will change dramatically. I’ve seen it and I know it in my heart. 

Each of these elements have been difficult in getting moving in the right direction. However, after about six months they are almost all in sync. 

I know I am ready for this. I know that this will be something that helps me move forward in my life in so many amazing ways. Are there going to be challenges? Absolutely. 

But I’m actually looking forward to those as well. 

If I can do this, I know that I am living up to my greatest potential. Maybe that’s why it has been so hard for me to do consistently in the past? That all being said, I’m ready for the challenge.

I’m never looking back. 

Onward we go.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project