My heart, full of fury and fire…you must rage.

Rage into the night.

Burn down the past and let the flames be the light.

And what a delight…

Watching you rage once again into the night.

You can feel it can’t you?

That passion igniting once again? The way in front is clear with the journey to once again take. But this time, I know how to step into it better. Maybe it was life working in its wondrous ways that allowed me to take a step back and view everything from afar. I thought I needed specific things, but when I came back, it became clear that I didn’t need them as much as I thought it did.

I saw clearly.

I saw that the path for me wasn’t in going back and creating roots but rather in planting my roots all around the world. I created my experience and allowed for myself to live in the flexibility of what I had made. The stress poured away and I knew that if I took my steps into the world again I would be a completely different man.

I would connect more.

I would try new things.

I would push myself farther and farther outside my comfort zone because that’s where all the magic has happened for me.

I knew that I was the architect of this entire experience and in order for me to bloom I would have to become something I had never been before.

No more old ways.

No more old ways.

Constantly reinventing and changing. Constantly trying on new thing to see if they were for me.

But the old ways would have to go and I would have to change.

I think, as these months back home have unfolded, I’ve discovered that I would have to finally jump. I couldn’t live in fear. I couldn’t be passive. I would have to go for it and do what my adventurous heart has been begging me to do for such a long time.

It has been begging me to dive deeper and deeper into this thing called life and meet as many experiences as I could possibly come across.

And at the same time, it has told me to disconnect myself from the story that I am missing out on anything. This story, that what I am doing is making me miss out on the “20’s” where people call these the best years of their life has been a powerful narrative.

But I know what I’m working for.

I know what I’m up to and why I am doing it.

These years haven’t been a sacrifice because I’ve simply said no to spending more money than I had, going out and partying and drinking every weekend, and systematically avoiding the development I knew that I had to do. Rather, I followed my heart which told me to go for it…to build my dreams one day at a time…and that has given me the chance to travel around the world, as my own boss, go anywhere I want to go at any point in time…and help people change their lives in the process (all while mine morphs and shifts as well).

I know that I don’t buy “things” for the sake of buying them. I purchase experiences.

I believe the experiences that you are able to create for yourself last far far longer than the things you have. In fact, I didn’t remember about 90% of the things that I had boxed away in our garage until I went through them. But I remember how excited I got about a few things I had bought for myself because they meant so much to me.

It was the experience…not the item…that I fell in love with.

My life has been a bit tricky lately.

There’s been a large calling for finally jumping into something that I’ve avoided for some time. But as the days go on and I settle farther and farther into that “knowing” this is the right way for me to go…and that I have to discover this life for myself…I start to move into it.

I fall into action.

I create my future.

I am the painter and the picture.

So bloom young man bloom.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project