There are certain decisions you know will change your entire life.

For me, the biggest one was February 9th 2011 when all of this began. The Better Man Project was created and everything changed after that.

But today is another one of those moments for me. When I started everything almost 6 years ago, I was pretty nervous. I was nervous about putting my words out there for other people to read, what the impact would be, and about a thousand other questions that I had going on in my mind.

I didn’t know what would happen. I wasn’t sure of what would come from all of this and what I ended up realizing far far down the line is that through all of the pain and struggle to keep growing, my greatest dreams started to come true.

I spoke things into existence…

…and somewhere far down the road those things started to take root and bloom.

Today I take the second step in the sand all these years later.

Today I start reading every last one of these blogs (including the new ones I write) out loud and on video. I know the world is changing. I know that most people will watch something rather than sit down and read it. But most of all, I felt in my gut that this was the right thing to do and that it would help me grow, understand more about this whole journey, and add an element to this that hasn’t been seen before.

My intuition has been telling me to read this out for quite some time because there’s just something that will click.

So I have to follow that.

This post could also be titled “Reboot” for many reasons.

The amount of clarity that has been bestowed upon me during this time back home has been surprising to say the least. I’ve seen exactly what I need to do. And what is that?

Bet on myself.

Bet on what I’ve created.

Bet on my passion.

Bet on my willingness to move forward and make the impact I want to make in the world. I’m almost at a place of this all catching fire. In order to get there, I’m going to have to really put both feet forward over the line and do some things that I’ve never done before.

I’m heading back into the past and bringing light and love to some of the things I now I may or may not be recovered from.

I’m going straight to that place because there’s so much wisdom to be gained from those experiences and words.

But I’m also creating a new future my engaging in something I’ve been scared to do for some time.

This is another step. Another big step on this journey of what this all means to me. And I’m willing to go there again. I’m willing to do something I’ve been avoiding to do in the name of growth and development.

My intention is different this time however.

Instead of creating something out of wanting it to be accepted by everyone who watches it, I’m doing this because it’s my truth and it will help me shed light on an adventure that has so much more to it than I ever thought.

I’m not starting from the beginning…but rather moving backwards as time has gone on. Every day I will read a few and post them. Every day another adventure into meeting myself and who I am.

This excites me.

This gets me going.

I’m ready.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project