It’s amazing what happens when you come back to being in this moment.

You connect.

You feel.

You are aware.

You deepen.

You breathe.

You thrive.

In fact, the more and more you keep coming back to what’s going on right now the more doors open for you. It’s hard to really understand what is possible for someone when they truly connect because there’s no predicting the future. The possibilities are really endless.

When I started this project 5 years ago, I was connecting with something deep inside of me at that time calling me to put forth my experiences and the things I was learning along this journey. I could not have predicted in the slightest anything that has happened because of all of this. Really, when I personally look back on it all, it’s extraordinary to me. It’s a bit strange as well because it’s my life that I’m writing…and when I feel compelled to explore, I can go back and read the pages of the past.

These pages when I dive back into the old stuff bring my mind back into old situations, old events, feelings, thoughts…and yet I learn every single time. I can see the way I thought back then and understand how I think now. I can understand how I’ve grown. One of the most interesting parts of all of this is that sometimes it’s hard for me to really comprehend just how much things have changed throughout all this time. This isn’t because I can’t logically think through all of this, but rather that little pieces have been morphing and shifting over years and sometimes it’s difficult to see those little tweaks in how I was and how I am now.

Outside of the massive breakthroughs and understandings that I’ve come across over the past 5 years, nothing really has really been able to compete with the power of “story.” When I say story, I really am talking about this concept of the story each of us are living in…and sometimes if we are lucky our ability to step into a completely new story.

I think after all this time writing, that’s what really sticks with me. Sure I’ve let it pour out onto the pages time and time again and it has released a lot from me, but there’s something about being able to understand where you are at in order to create something new for yourself that has more power than anything else I’ve experienced. Despite going through the worst of it, time and time again I came back – for one reason or another – to the table to write and see if I could create something out of that situation.

And I did.

But now more than ever, as my path has taken a turn for development instead of the land of A to B goal seeking and grasping, things are shifting quickly. I can feel this, but I can’t really understand it in many ways. I’m starting to get the impression that it’s something that I’m actually not supposed to understand, I’m just supposed to run with it.

What we are seeking in this life is also seeking us. But it’s only when we slow down and stop desperately grasping for it do we give ourselves the chance to bring it into our lives. It’s only when we show up right here and now do we have the opportunity to have it come knocking at our door.

If we are constantly in a world of trying to map out our future, we cut off what is really possible for us. To a degree, having goals and dreams are fantastic things, but when you start to paint the future in detail you’re actually constricting it. No one really has any clue of what is going to happen in the future. We may have an idea of what we would like to do but that is really about it. The good stuff, the really good stuff, is going on right now.

While that concept has changed my life, the reason why it hasn’t stuck with most people is because it’s not an incredibly sexy or marketable idea.

But it really does make a difference.

Keep coming back to the present moment and let everything you’ve always been grasping at finally come and find you. Show up right here and now. That’s the time that really matters. In reality, it’s the only time you have.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project