It’s not the moments that present themselves to us that define us, it’s who we are and who we become in those moments that really counts for something.

Down to its core, this life is a constant journey into uncertainty. We believe that we can see into the future and try to create a path for ourselves, but the more we settle into what is going on right now the more we begin to realize that we are living in a constant fog. To some, this fog may be the most frightening thing of all and they will try to control it as much as possible – only to realize that they have trapped themselves in a mental prison of sorts. But for others, they will adventure into the fog boldly and fearlessly with no intention of trying to be the marionette but instead the ever curious journeyman.

It’s from that place that all of the magic of life starts to happen.

When you let go of the way you have it all mapped out in your mind, you open up to the possibilities of what could actually happen. There’s a fine balancing act with this of course, because in some way you do have to have an idea where you are headed or else you’ll never really get anywhere. However, what I’ve found is that this is precisely where dreams and visions come into play. There’s a difference between restricting your life because you are in fear and having a general plan for yourself based off of a dream. These dreams are only given to you in their own unique form, and if you answer the call you will spend your life adventuring down one of the most worthwhile paths of all…walking by faith and not by sight.

It’s in the pursuit of these dreams that you open yourself fully to the possibilities of everything happening, because you are truly walking into the unknown. Sometimes, you’re walking so far into the unknown that you don’t actually have anyone to give you advice on the subject because it has never been done before. That’s terrifying at times…and also exhilarating. What could be more exciting than to be creating a path that has never been traveled down before…even by one? Not much I would venture to say.

We have discovered a great deal about this world and yet there are worlds to be discovered.

Each day we are just scraping up against what is possible for ourselves and for everyone else. It’s up to those who have visions to take on these challenges and to create. They create because that’s what they were put here to do.

Living in fear is an option, but when you have an internal pressure inside of you begging you to take steps forward, that option ends up being something that will either tear you apart or pressure you into becoming a diamond. Either way, the choice is yours.

So what’s it going to be?

What’s the choice going to be?

Answer the calls or leave them alone?

Every single moment you spend not answering that dream of yours, it dies a little bit inside of you. And as the famous Bob Dylan once said, “He not busy being born is busy dying.”

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project