“One day, you’re going to burn the whole f’ing forrest down.”

How much can I give? How much can I put out there and how much can I pour it on every single day?

These are the questions that I have been asking myself lately. I’ve been wondering what else I have in the tank.

What I have found is that you are always capable of just a little bit more than you could imagine. These moments come to me quite often where I think I’m going to break but I somehow find a way to push out a little more effort.

What is that? What is that space called between your mind failing but your spirit holding you up for more?

Maybe that’s just the nature of the spirit itself?

That quote above was said on the phone last night during one of the most phenomenal conversations I have had with one of my best friends.

I was telling him about being truly humbled and proud for finally achieving such a long term goal, and for the first time in my life, seeing that I could go out and achieve whatever I wished to.

I went on to talk about what I had planned for myself next and what the visions of the future were – how I was going to attack those visions – and how I can use a format that really works for me.

Then he said those words.

They weren’t in the context of actually burning down a forrest, but in terms of setting ablaze this world with passion and something deep within.

You see for a long time I have felt that I have set controlled fires in my life in a few different areas. I started with The Better Man Project, added in fitness, added in my social media presence, added in professional life coaching…and these were all little fires that were burning steadily.

As I went forward and finally accomplished one of my dreams, a couple of those fires suddenly caught some extra brush and wind and began to light up more. But somewhere deep inside I can feel that one day – all of those fires will come together and everything is going to join in a roaring burn.

Am I doing all that I can in order to bring those fires together?

I have some more in the tank. But what I’ve realized is that more planning is in order – more calendar usage – a more structured type of living to bring these things out.

While the moments are creative in themselves, more discipline is necessary to make that a reality.

When you reach something you have been striving for…it changes…everything.

It makes you believe. It changes the way you see dreams as well.

I can honestly say that the pain of losing baseball disappeared from the me second I crossed the finish line. That is something I never thought I would be able to say.

But now, I have to go out there and see what else I can create for myself.

I have to travel down the other paths I wished to see for myself all these years.

Time to burn it all down.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project