At times this next statement I am about to make may sound like the most unreasonable thing in the world…but in all honesty, it’s true. 

You can write your own story.

Our days are white pages. Yes the page before may have been extraordinarily painful or happy, but indeed today is a clean fresh sheet that you are capable of doing anything you want with. It is at your will. Whatever you wish…you can write on that sheet.

Do not soak todays page with yesterdays tears.

You story is your own. 

Do not let anyone else write it for you. Don’t live someone else’s life. Stand up for what you believe in and never sacrifice your quality of character for things that aren’t of value. Sometimes you have to make a stand for what is right. Sometimes that is going to bring you bad looks, arguments, and enemies. But you can spend your life scared of looking bad or making other people unhappy, or you can actually live. No matter how bright you shine, there will always be people that hate the sun, put up an umbrella to tone you down, or those who will bask and play in the light all day. Keep that in mind. 

There will be times where things come easily and there will be times that things get difficult. I love those challenging moments because they take what I have already and they demand me to do something I have never done before. In those times, I grow. In those times, I morph into something that I wasn’t before. I believe that the challenges that lay before us, while we still have the choice to actually face them, are something that we must mandatorily rise to in order to continue moving forward. Too often did I find myself stuck in a place because I hadn’t faced a challenge that I had for years.

You can write your own story.

Today, you can change courses wildly. You can head into the other direction. You can decide to take a leap into the deep forest of dreams and start searching around. 

The choice is yours. 

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project