Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities . . . because it is the quality which guarantees all others.
Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister 

It has been said that in order to know where you are going, you must first know where you are. Truer words have never been spoken to me. In fact, it reminds me of February 09, 2011 when I started this project and I made a vow to go spiritual cave diving to find out just what that phrase knowing where you are truly mean to me. So I went diving down into the dark and what I found at first was scary, discouraging, and slightly frightening. But after a while, I realized the benefits of knowing the good and the bad about yourself.

When you know who you are down to your core . . . you can change.

I am not a huge believer in the fact that people change for other people. At least, maybe not sustainably. And maybe to be even more fair, lets keep this about big changes in someones life . . . not changes like “You need to help more around the house.” I am talking about the big stuff. The severe flaws in our character, for whatever reason, that often of times manifest themselves through destroying relationships . . . or hell, even ourselves.

It’s not going to be easy.

Change is hard. Really hard. In fact, the longer you have been doing something, the harder it is going to be. It is engrained into your character and is going to take pure willpower to make a true long-lasting difference in your life over time. Time, that’s the key word here. We all want immediate results, especially when we are in pain, but the truth is it’s going to take some time.

We are creatures of habit.

That being said, if you want something in your life that you don’t currently have, you have to be willing to do things that you weren’t doing before.

Change is not immediate, but if you keep yourself open to seeing steady results, you will be impressed by how often positive signs of reinforcement come your way.

This is where I am getting to the meat of it all.

We need more men & women in this world who don’t just want to be average or even good . . . we need more people  who want to be great.

We need men & women who stand for their dreams and make the sacrifices necessary in order to achieve them . . .  who get to where they want to go by NOT stepping on others . . . who not only stand for an idea but also stand for the greatness of others . . . who understand that wisdom and virtue are, in the end, the only two things that really matter in this life . . . and who dedicate their time to bettering the generations to come.

We need more men & women who enable others, not disable their dreams or put them down because they actually fear being overtaken. We need more men & women who are celebrated for their grand deeds for humanity rather than those who are currently celebrated for their contributions to spreading poison, bad energy, controversy, or become famous and put on a pedestal because they put out a sex tape.

We need more men & women who possess true courage. The type of courage that is undeniably shown through action rather than someone inappropriately citing that someone had courage, when they may or may not have had it in the first place.

We need more men & women who will take a stand for what is right and act while keeping in mind the generations to come.

Yes, these are the types of people we need. The ones who live in the face of fear. The ones who seek to understand what they do not know rather than passing it off. We need men & women who are hungry and willing to take it to the next step . . . who are willing to be for others . . . who strive consistently to better themselves in order to better the world.

Those are the people we need. We need great men and women. 

Become one.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project